Keith DeMatteis

Keith DeMatteis

About Keith DeMatteis

Keith DeMatteis is a financial services professional based in NY who holds years of experience in this space. Mr. DeMatteis graduated from Villanova University with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy. Keith became a Certified Public Accountant in 1988 and received his certificate in financial planning in 1992 from New York University. Over the course of Keith DeMatteis’ career, he has served in multiple capacities in the financial services field as a Consultant, Audit Manager, Treasurer, Controller and Executive Director. He also excelled in the construction & real estate industry as a team leader that built and developed several award-winning projects in New York City.

Keith DeMatteis has built a reputation in the financial services industry for his commitment to innovative processes, technologies, and supporting applications to bring sustainable results to the organizations he serves. Keith excels at protecting companies’ names/ brands, leading projects, structuring teams, and managing partnerships. Those who have worked with Mr. DeMatteis speak to how he is a professional deeply invested in streamlining financial processes and identifying methods for maximizing impact. Colleagues and collaborators also mention that Keith’s hands-on approach, attention to detail, willingness to teach others crucial financial concepts, and passion for leveraging technology to its fullest potential for data monitoring and evaluation set him apart from other financial leaders in the sector.

Keith DeMatteis’s Skills

  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Administration
  • Tax Preparation
  • Auditing
  • Strategic Development
  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial Reporting
  • Research
  • Consulting
  • Investments
  • Advising
  • Accounting Controls
  • Business Technologies
  • Business Communications
Keith DeMatteis

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One of Keith DeMatteis’s favorite aspects of the financial services sector is that there is always more to learn. This knowledge drives Keith’s passion for contributing to accessible content that helps others contextualize their efforts within the industry, better explore services and solutions, and grow skills that will serve them for years to come. is your one-stop-shop for financial services resources that provide deep dives into the sector, its processes, and more. A few types of topics that readers can expect from future content on this site include:

Financial Services Resources

The primary goal of this site is to draw from Keith DeMatteis’s experience in financial services to share a variety of resources that demystify the space and contribute to important conversations. Mr. DeMatteis acknowledges that, despite financial services’ profound impact on businesses across industries, many do not have much knowledge on the processes, best practices, technologies, and teams that make financial success more attainable. For this reason, will feature financial resources that explore key concepts in the field and clue others in on the work involved in staying on the cutting edge.

Professional Insights

Professional insights linked to financial services are beneficial for new and experienced professionals alike as they look to make a names for themselves in a competitive industry. Professional development content inspired by Keith’s insights will cover a wide range of topics that empower individuals to take their professional futures into their own hands. Expect that future posts will address concepts such as additional learning opportunities available for helping professionals grow their acumen, certification information, tips for maintaining happy client bases, and more.

Personal Finance Tips

In today’s landscape, there are many people who want to grow their understanding of financial literacy to contribute to their financial futures. will serve as a platform for readers in search of informative content on personal finance tips that can be leveraged for their success. Future personal finance content will explore concepts such as the benefits of diversifying investments, simple steps for exploring financial advisors’ services for the first time, and simple strategies for making your disposable income work for you.

Financial Technology Content

Financial technology, the integration of comprehensive technology into our financial service offerings, plays a vital role in development of the financial services sector. For this reason, Keith DeMatteis aims to share insights on financial technology and its continued impact on advancement within his industry. Readers can expect that future fintech content will explore how financial technologies contribute to organization, monitoring, evaluation, and streamlining of data as well as the processes involved in the field’s development.

Recent Industry Developments

The financial services sector is in a constant state of development to adapt to changes in policies, best practices, technologies, and the diverse needs of businesses as they address pressing financial challenges. Keith speaks to how keeping up with these industry changes can be incredibly valuable for financial services professionals, their businesses, and collaborators as it helps them predict the impact they will have on the future of the space. If you are in search of details on some of the most interesting news in the financial services space, look no further than

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Keith DeMatteis acknowledges that there are many people who wish to learn more about financial services for both personal and professional success. will serve as a resource for those in search of informative content that explores a wide variety of concepts within the financial services sector. Whether you are interested in keeping up with developments in the industry, identifying your businesses’ needs for comprehensive financial services, aiming to grow as a professional, or simply want to learn more about the processes involved, has you covered.

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